Various aspects impact an organization’s overall effectiveness.

Various aspects impact an organization’s overall effectiveness.

Various aspects impact an organization’s overall effectiveness. For instance, culture is an organization specific attribute in which each employee contributes a specific skill set as well as inherent values and beliefs that set the norms of interactions in the workplace. For many researchers in organizational behavior, these are just some of the elements that they assess to determine the overall effectiveness of the organization. Therefore, it is critical that we explore employee interactions and organizational processes as a whole to create effective and efficient organizations. Final course assignment requires you to conduct research to address the Components for an Effective Organization in a 6–8-page paper. The goal of this assignment is to write about a specific organization effectiveness issue and a recommended solution.

This individual research project consists of three integrated components:

1.Research Topic Submission

Choosing a topic for any research paper is half the work! The challenge doesn\’t lie in the scarcity of topics but in identifying a specific issue/problem/opportunity and turning it into an answerable question that is neither too broad nor too narrow. Think about your areas of interest within organizational behavior and skim through few recent articles on CMU Library and/or other academic resources. Prior to making a final decision on your topic, consider the length of your paper and the timeframe in which you have to complete it. If you feel too much information is out there to complete your project, consider narrowing your focus more.

2. Research Paper (Due Sunday, 19 June 2022, Week 7, 300 Points)

Understanding and applying concepts of Organization Behavior is a critical administrator skill greatly valued in organizations. Conduct research on what critical factors are needed to make an organization more effective. Using your textbook and other research, analyze the elements of an effective organization within the frame of organizational behavior theories. This paper should be theory-driven. Review various Organization Behavior (OB) theories and build your argument points based on a theoretical background.

Your 6–8-page long research paper should address the following:

* Description of the components necessary for an effective organizational structure and justification of the choice (Theory driven)

* Evaluation of various communication strategies needed for effective organizations (critical thinking about communication strategies)

* Assessment of the principles of effective management and where it comes into play with leadership (critical thinking about leadership tactics)

* Decision-making, and problem-solving processes needed to make an organization effective

* Analysis of real situations recommended actions to bring about desired results

Writing for all papers is expected to demonstrate perfect graduate-level writing. Your work will be assessed on thoughtful analysis of the elements of an effective organization within the frame of organizational behavior theories, appropriateness of recommendations and quality of writing.

Include at least five (5) scholarly/peer-reviewed references that are five (5) years old or newer. References cannot be required or recommended readings from our course.

You may use these readings above and beyond the required five (5) references but they do not count towards the five references needed. Completed work should include the following: Title page that includes your name, course number and name, your instructor’s name and date of assignment submission and abstract statement that summarizes your hypothesis or findings. Introduction section should (1) highlight the focus and purpose of your paper, (2) describe the situation or problem in a concrete but concise manner and (3) explain the theoretical model you will use in your paper. Remember you do NOT have to figure out why this is happening. Do not merely refer to the theoretical concept(s). Explain the concept(s) in your own words to justify why this concept seem applicable for the situation or problem. Provide real life examples. Draw conclusions regarding what you have learned about effective organizations. You may wish (which may include new questions you have). Provide constructive recommendations that are “outside of the box”. Clearly separate the sections through making good use of headings and sub-heads. Please adhere to APA formatting style. Remember Web addresses alone are not acceptable references. Review the assignment instructions and rubric on Blackboard for further details and requirements. To submit a polished, professional paper, use the Writing Resources found on Blackboard shell.

Requirements: please review syllabus

Answer preview to various aspects impact an organization’s overall effectiveness.

Various aspects impact an organization’s overall effectiveness.


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