Organizational culture


Required Material
A good place to start are these interactive tutorials:
Organizational Culture. Pearson Learning Solutions. New York, NY.
After reviewing the tutorial, dig deeper into this topic with the following readings:
Rao, P. (2010). Organisational culture and effectiveness.OrganisationalBehaviour.Global Media, Mumbai. [Ebrary]
Piccolo, R. &Bardes, M. (2011). Chapter 13: Cultural due diligence. In Baker, H. (Ed.) Art of Corporate Restructuring, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, N.J [Ebrary]
De Vries, M. (2011). Chapter 4: The question of organizational culture. Reflections on Organizations : On the Couch with Manfred Kets de Vries. Jossey-Bass, Hoboken, NJ [Ebrary]
Required Case Assignment Reading
Klein, D. (2011). Creating cultures that lead to success: Lincoln Electric, Southwest Airlines, and SAS Institute. Organizational Dynamics 41(1), 35-39 [Available in Science Direct. Note: you only have to read the middle portion of the article concerning Southwest Airlines and not the whole article]
Bird, A. (Mar. 13, 2011).Southwest: Corporate culture combines work, play. The Post and Courier. [ProQuest]
Whatley, H. (2013). Principles and dimensions of market-based management.Independent Journal of Management & Production, 4(1), 126-135. [ProQuest]
Dissecting the Kochtopus. (Jun. 7, 2014). The Economist, 411, 76. [ProQuest]
Optional Material
Torrington, D. (2013). Chapter 5: Organization: The culture you work in. Managing to Manage : The Essential Guide to People Management. Kogan Page Ltd., London [Ebrary]
Kumar, V., &Gopinadhan, S. (2009).Organisational culture. OrganisationalBehaviour and Mass Media. Global Media, Mumbai [Ebrary]
Perkins, S., &Arvinen-Muondo, R. (2013). Chapter 8: Organizational culture. Organizational Behaviour : People, Process, Work and Human Resource Management.Kogan Page Ltd., London. [Available in Ebrary]
Schein, E. (2010). Chapter 1: The concept of organizational culture: why bother? Organizational Culture and Leadership (Fourth Edition). Jossey Bass, Hoboken, NJ, USA [Ebrary]

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Describe the organizational culture of Southwest Airlines the best you can using the characteristics of organizational culture discussed in the background materials. These include: but are not limited to detail-oriented, team-oriented, innovative, aggressive, outcome-oriented, and people-oriented. Be specific as you can regarding which characteristics of organizational culture that you read about in the background materials apply to Southwest and which ones do not………………………..


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