Discuss your experiences as a volunteer.

Discuss your experiences as a volunteer.

Discuss your experiences as a volunteer. These paragraphs can be redundant. To avoid repeating yourself, examine closely how your experiences align or reflect the main ideas or themes found in the week’s assigned reading documents. For example, when Jefferson posits the American ideal that, “all men are created equal,” did your experience as a volunteer find this to be the case? Why or why not? Also, examine the organization you volunteered at from the perspective of the organization’s client (or those who used the organization for assistance). You can also examine the organization from the perspective of those who are employed or leadership positions. Why are they working here? What motivates them? Also, you can examine why others, like you, volunteer at the organization. Finally, what do outsiders, or those that know of but are not involved in the organization think of the organization? Is it helpful? Does it serve a purpose? If so, what purpose does the organization serve? Finally, how does society benefit, or not, from the efforts of those involved in the organization’s mission?

Narrate your experiences on FoodShareSC link to research about volunteering within FoodShareSC while citing at least 2 articles and/or readings from the course in each entry.

Synthesize ideas from the course readings, Be sure to relate your project with FoodShareSC and experiences briefly to specific ideas in each of the week\’s readings. A 1000 words must be written broken into two parts of 500 word entries.

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Discuss your experiences as a volunteer.


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