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Most aspects of development are clearly influenced by both nature and nurture.

Most aspects of development are clearly influenced by both nature and nurture.

  1. Most aspects of development are clearly influenced by both nature and nurture. Thinking specifically about physical growth and development, describe at least one way in which nature influences development, and at least one way in which nurture influences development.
  2. Some aspects of development seem to follow universal patterns of change, whereas other aspects show great diversity across individuals. Describe at least one aspect of development that seems to follow a universal pattern and at least one aspect of development that reflects diversity across individuals.
  3. Mr. Walsh is chairing a committee that will be exploring effective ways of addressing the needs of the middle-school students. He wants to present suggestions to the committee of strategies and practices that will enhance the motivation and address the particular needs of students who are in middle school. Discuss specific strategies and practices that will address these developmental needs and enhance student motivation.
  4. Teachers and administrators at a particular school are concerned about a possible rise in bullying in recent months. Before deciding how to respond to the problem, they want to determine if, in fact, their perceptions are accurate. For example, they want to know how many students are considered to be bullies, how many students are victims of bullying, and how often students encounter bullying incidents at school. In three separate paragraphs, describe three different data collection techniques they might use to get the information they need.
  5. The parenting styles described in the textbook can be applied to teachers as well as parents. Choose two of the parenting styles below. For each, describe a teacher you’ve had who exhibited that style, giving at least two examples of how the teachers reflected the style. Describe how each teacher’s style affected your motivation in that class.
  6. authoritarian
  7. authoritative
  8. permissive
  9. uninvolved
  10. Teachers should keep in regular contact with parents about how their children are performing and progressing at school. Describe four different strategies that you might use to open and/or maintain lines of communication with children’s parents.
  11. All children experiences challenges as they grow up, but children from low-income families have more than their share.
  12. Basing your response on the textbook’s discussion of socioeconomic status, describe three different challenges that children from low-income families are apt to face that their more economically privileged peers do not face.
  13. Identify three different teaching strategies that developmental theorists have identified as being especially beneficial for students from low-income families.
  14. As a teacher, you will probably have one or more students with special physical needs (e.g., chronic medical conditions, recent head injuries) in your classroom. List five different strategies that may be useful as you work with such students.
  15. The textbook describes a number of trends in the development of information processing skills. Describe at least four ways in which sixth-grade children differ from kindergarten children in their information processing strategies and capabilities.
  16. Students’ self-perceptions related to school subject matter affect their learning and performance in the classroom. Imagine that you are a teacher with several students who have very little self-confidence regarding their ability to perform in your class. Simply giving them encouragement—for example, “You can do it if you try!”—may not be especially effective. Keeping in mind the factors that affect students’ sense of self, describe three different strategies you might use to enhance your students’ confidence that they can succeed in school. Describe each of these strategies in terms of specific things that you might do in the classroom.
  1. Discuss the general characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder and describe how educators should approach supporting students on the autism spectrum.

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Most aspects of development are clearly influenced by both nature and nurture.


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