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Why have you decided to complete your BSN at this time

Why have you decided to complete your BSN at this time


– Why have you decided to complete your BSN at this time?

          I’m an ambitious person who is always seeking a higher academic degree in Nursing. Over the recent years, I attempted to join different RN-BSN programs, but the timing was not right. Now that I found the right program at the right time, I am ready to begin my journey. I would like to refer back to my work experience, my current RN / House Manager requires me to have a package of skill sets, along with book knowledge and formal education. Therefore, as a BSN degree holder I will be able to stay up to date with evidence-based practice and nursing competencies as well as be able to advance my leadership roles.

Also, during and after Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a historic shortage of medical fields across the world. So, the escalating need for nursing staff was one of the factors I decided to go back to school and pursue a BSN degree. Employers who experience staff shortage are willing to accept employee’s requirements and accommodate their needs and this will more likely create more favorable terms and work conditions for the staff.

 – Concerns you have about completing your baccalaureate degree?

          It is more like a challenge than a real concern not being able to find the time to study all course material and be on top of all the course requirements. As anyone else, my life is busy with activities from the very early morning till late nighttime. I’m a busy mother/wife and a part-time nurse, so time management and finding the right work-study-live balance will be my biggest challenge. However, I plan on creating a dedicated study environment with a well defined time schedule for this program.

 – What are some characteristics of successful students? 

          Some characteristics that I will need in order to be a successful student are effective time management, never being late on any assignments, asking the right question, performing due diligence, being organized, and paying attention to details. Also, simply follow directions, course instructions, and stay confident and positive. (Dean et al., 2022)

– What strategies can you implement to be a successful student?

           Organization is the key to success. Using organization tools such as Google Drive, Docs, Dropbox, Adobe…..and reminders / calendars will help me prioritize goals and objectives. Also, completing assignments on time, asking the right questions, and seeking help from the support team are critical. Additionally, I will keep the motivation always going and stay positive.


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Why have you decided to complete your BSN at this time


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