The New JEWEL Movement

The New JEWEL Movement

write about “The New JEWEL Movement.”  where,when,”The New JEWEL Movement.” born?where,when “The New JEWEL Movement.” go to schoole?where “The New JEWEL Movement.” from?where “The New JEWEL Movement.” live? GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT “The New JEWEL Movement.”.


Need to write complete ONE PAGE about “The New JEWEL Movement.” And then reference an another page




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The New Jewel Movement

            The new jewel movement was established in Grenada, Caribbean island in March 11, 1973. This movement was led by Maurice Bishop. This movement was in charge of the Caribbean island and ensured that the island was stable politically until when it was overthrown or overpowered by the US military in 1983.

            This movement was a very active opposition party in Grenade that even threw out the party that ruled then. NJM had launched a revolution when the president then was out of the country. It seized the main organs of the government and took over power..


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