Select three professional events to attend.

Select three professional events to attend. There are a number of different professional events that can qualify for this assignment. Such events might include any of the following:
a. Conferences, symposia, workshops, training sessions, speaking events,etc.
b. Professional luncheons or dinners with at least 15 people in attendance.
c. Employment-oriented events such as company information sessions,
company presentations, or training sessions.
d. Professional chapter meetings or events for professional organizations.
e. Meet-up groups for professionals or targeted audiences.
f. Certain university-sponsored events, particularly those that attract employers
or professionals in addition to students.
g. If you are unsure whether an event will count for the assignment, please email
the instructor at least one week in advance of the event to request approval.

Instructions Attached. Additional instruction for the 3 network attends below:

(1) The event does NOT have to be hosted by FIU (you can search any in google), but it may be easier to find one that is. Click here for the FIU event calendar (Links to an external site.), which includes many online events.

(2) Screenshot of the 3 events is fine.

(3) Try to choose 3 that are related to marketing, or at least have a high networking value. The idea is to use the events to learn tips that you can apply in future in-person networking and job hunting opportunities.

(4) You must still attempt some form of networking for each event. Since you won\’t be able to mingle in person, networking in online events can include participating in the discussion or Q&A of the event itself, reaching out to the hosts afterward, connecting with hosts and participants through LinkedIn before the event and then following up afterward, etc. In your \”Execution\” sections, describe what you did to network for each event as well as the outcome (gained a connection, started a conversation, learned more about your field, etc.). If the person doesn\’t respond to you, it will not count against you, as this isn\’t something we can control.

Requirements: 3 PAGES