museum report

museum report

  1. Pretend to visit Lacma

    how what you have learned in the Western art history class and informs you of what you looked at

  2. What I leaned, What I saw, how I felt and “how to relate on the class” ( Egypt )

    one page.

  3. Report for Museum

Place: Lacma (

Section: Egypt (




…………….Answer Preview………….

LACMA is one of the greatest and most reputable museums in the world. My visit to LACMA equipped me with the real experience and a couple of great treasures including the historic Egyptian art on which the museum offers. LACMA is highly recognized for its great historical, artistic work offered and spending a day at the museum provides more than half experience on exploration in the Egyptian art. The art from the Ancient Egypt has been reinstalled in a newly and refurbished galleries located within the hammer building. The Egyptian portion established is installed with ancient……………….


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