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Moral Issue & Kant

Moral Issue & Kant

1.  Choose a moral issue that interests you and a moral theory that we have studied (Aristotelian virtue ethics, Kantian deontology, or consequentialism) to apply to that issue. For example, you might choose the controversy surrounding torture of terrorism suspects in order to acquire information about future targets and apply Kant’s moral theory to that controversy.

2.  In an essay of at least 1000 but not more than 1300 words, (a) explain in detail the nature of the moral issue you will discuss, (b) explain the moral theory you have chosen to apply to the issue in enough detail that its relevance to the moral issue will be clear, and (c) explain the judgment about the moral issue that we should draw on the basis of the moral theory you have chosen. Be sure to make reference to the text including appropriate and brief direct quotations. Use APA citation style.







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Nature of moral issue (Euthanasia)

Moral issues are issues in society that involve people’s morality. Religion is usually involved. Many religions have their own morals. Moral issues involve a difference of a belief.  It will involve a moral dispute. There is usually a factual disagreement. This is where neither belief is correct.  Moral issues are associated with specific kind of feeling or experience. Such feelings include those of satisfaction or guilty. Moral issues have the ability to harm……………..


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