Money Ball Movie Analysis

Money Ball Movie Analysis

Money Ball Movie Analysis
Each number is a separate paragraph (Introduction may be spread out to two or more)
Everyone adds to all paragraphs and be sure to add your own color so we know who added what for editing.
Everyone should add the equivalent of 4 pages per person with 3 references outside of the book.
I. Introduction the change effort by including the
context for change.
II. Billy and Peter wanted to change the A’s by purchasing talent based on statistics to achieve an overall goal of creating a winning team while staying within the relatively low budget of the A’s.
III. Baseball has had a culture of recruiting, selecting, and paying players based on many factors besides their actual sports potential.
IV. What changes was Billy trying to implement
V. Why was he trying to implement them?
VI. What resistance did he and Peter face in trying to implement these changes? (Recruiters, Head coach, owner, etc).
VII. Theoretical constructs and concepts that characterize the change (Ch. 18 examples transformational change, integrated strategic change, culture change etc.)
VIII. Methods used for change and why they were used.
IX. What were the anticipated outcomes of these changes?
X. Description of the actual changes
XI. How the changes aligned with the desired outcome
XII. How the changes were communicated.
XIII. Evaluate the quality of the outcome, process, and the work of the change events.
XIV. Explain what went well and represented best practices.
XV. Also, devote attention to areas needing improvement and lesson learned.
XVI. strategies for improvement and/or enhancement of success.
XVII. Conclusion
XVIII. Appendix
XIX. References

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