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Module 2: Discussion Forum

Module 2: Discussion Forum

In one or two thoughtful paragraphs, share your initial emotional and/or intellectual reaction to Chapters 1 and 2 of Ehrenreich’s book. Next, think about the different types of workplace stratification as discussed in the Hodson and Sullivan text and in the module/lecture: Of the three primary stratification lines (class, race, gender), which one is of greatest concern to Ehrenreich? Explain why she is so concerned.






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Reaction to chapters 1 and 2 of Ehrenreich’s book

            In the first two chapters of the week, Ehrenreich works in Florida as a waitress and housekeeper and in Maine as a housekeeper and as a home nurse during weekends. In both locations, she is on two jobs, something that would lead to one thinking she is likely to have enough money for her basic needs. However, this was not the case as she often found it difficult to afford a house to live in. For instance in Florida, she finds a place to live in a trailer. However, she cannot afford the rent by working as….


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