Memo to CEO Lizfeld

Memo to CEO Lizfeld

You must choose one of the 6 candidates to recommend to CEO Lizfeld.

Then you must write a formal business memo to the CEO telling him who you chose, explain the selection method you used to come up with your recommendation, and why the recommendation is sound.

Remember, this is a formal professional business communication!





………………Answer Preview……………..

TO: Paul Lizfeld, CEO of BRB



SUBJECT: General Manager for the Israeli Operations

Person selected

After a lengthy analysis, the company has been able to come up with one candidate who is seen to be most suitable for the position of the general manager for the Israel operations. Of all the six people that were seen to be qualified, the best person was Harold Michaelson. He is an English citizen of Jewish faith and has in the past worked in both UK and the US. He graduated with both bachelor and masters degree for the electronic engineering in America and has considerable experience in the job market. is able…


666 words


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