Health inputs include medical care , lifestyle or behavior

Health inputs include medical care , lifestyle or behavior

Case study report and the case methods provide students with a well-organized approached to, and methodology for, problem solving and decision making. The project will give students an opportunity to identify important facts to solving the problem from assertions and opinions, and when necessary, make assumptions supported by the facts in the scenario. Apply relevant management disciplines and methodology and take the role of a healthcare manager or a consultant when considering alternative solutions, offering recommendation, and planning implementation.

Production of Health

Health inputs include medical care (e.g., physician visits, diagnostic tests, treatments), lifestyle or behavior (e.g., eating, exercise, smoking, and drinking habits), environment (e.g., land, air, and water pollution), biological makeup (e.g., gender, age, genetic predisposition), and many others. A given output (e.g., good health status) is achieved through various combinations of these inputs.


Most marginal in economics refers to the ratios of the changes in one thing in response to a small change in another. For example, the marginal utility of an apple is the extra satisfaction derived from the consumption of an extra piece of apple, and the marginal physical product of labor refers to the extra output generated by the last worker added to the production process.

Case study

Joe is 60 years old, is 30 pounds overweight, has high blood pressure, and has been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. If he begins to engage in an exercise program of 30 minutes of brisk walking each day and eliminates from his diet prepackaged foods that contain high fat and high sodium, he may experience a substantial drop in weight and blood pressure and his diabetes may be easier to manage. In contrast, David is 49 years old, runs on a treadmill for one hour daily, does not smoke, and eats well-balanced meals. His weight is normal for his height, and he has no chronic conditions. An additional 30 minutes of brisk walking each day may have just a minor effect on David’s overall health because he is already practicing a healthy lifestyle.

In this example, the marginal change in health status—for the same change in exercise—is greater for Joe than for David. Explain why?

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Health inputs include medical care lifestyle or behavior


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