Matrices and systems of equation

Matrices and systems of equation

Describe the learning challenges that you experienced this week. This
might include any subject areas that took you awhile to learn. Also include
in the amount of time spent on the material. This information is critical for
the instructor to understand your struggles and adapt the course for future
students. Topics: Matrices and systems of equation;
operations with matrices; the inverse of a square of
matrix; determinants and their applications.

Describe a medical event, situation, or biological event that could use
matrices to track the location of each “item” in the simulation. It should be
an event that has many members (such as blood cells). Blood cells
operate in a 3D environment and are plentiful enough that matrices could
be used to track their location. Describe an example besides blood cells.

In your chosen career, you will have to give instructions to co-workers
and/or patients. It is important that you learn how to communicate at the
level of the listener. For example, I had a student tell me that she gave
birth to her child and it was in NICU. I told her congratulations. It was not
until her second email that I realized NICU was not a good location for
your newborn. This communication mishap was not her fault but in your
career, it is vital that you communicate clearly.
Pick one topic out of the material this week and describe in a step by step
approach how to solve a particular type of problem (such as solving
Matrices and systems of equations). This should be in your “own
words” and not copied from a website. This would constitute plagiarism
and results in a zero on the reflection quiz and possibly a zero for the
course. I will grade your submission as if I have never seen that topic so
be thorough in your explanation. I should be able to follow your
steps. Include one example along with the instructions.


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Matrices and systems of equation


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