Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

These questions are based on the novel Macbeth by William Shakespeare. These answers need to be completely high level answers. Make sure to use actual  textual evidence with citations. I prefer about half a page typed ( Times New Roman, Font 12) for every question. Also make sure it has lots of supporting evidence with structure.

1. In the end who is most responsible for Macbeth’s demise? The witches? Lady Macbeth? Macduff? Himself?

2.  Since the definition of a “tragedy” is that the main character/protagonist dies because of a tragic flaw, what would that tragic flaw be and how is it acquired?

3.   What does Banquo symbolize?

4.  Was Lady Macbeth justified in making the decisions she did? What reasons were there besides greed that drove her to become so power-hungry? Was her madness believable to you?






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According to the novel Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Macbeth is liable for his own demise. Macbeth carries the blame of his own demise because he allows himself to be cheated by the witches who cause him to change his personality. Before encountering the witches, Macbeth was a very loyal subject to king Duncan of Scotland. However, after his successful defeat of Macdonwald’s troops from Ireland, Macbeth allows himself to be cheated by the witches that he would become great nobility in Scotland and subsequently become……………….


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