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Analysis of Learning Experience

Analysis of Learning Experience

Analysis of Learning Experience

LEARNING OBJECTIVE: I will assess my internship experience and my suitability for a careerin this area.ACTIVITIES: I reflect on the tasks, and activities I performed during the semester, and thinkabout whether or not this type of job and company is appropriate for me.DOCUMENTATION: I will submit a summary paper analyzing my internship experience.

In this assignment provide an overall reflection on your learning experience on the job

What are your takeaways from this internship experience? What aspects of the job did

you like or dislike?? Evaluate what hard (e.g. data analysis) and soft skills (e.g. communication) have helpedyou the most, where did you acquire those skills, from college or elsewhere, what newskills to acquire, and how do you plan to acquire them?? How has this experience influenced your career goals? Do you like this particular careerdirection or do you want to try another career direction in the future?? How and where did you find this internship? What do you think are the key factors thathelped me land this internship? What did you learn from this process for your future jobsearch?

You can use all previously provided downloads

each assignment will be a short 3-5page paper (singled spaced with 12 font). In the beginning of each of your paper, pleasereiterate the topic and instructions of the assignment you have chosen.

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Analysis of Learning Experience


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