Explores case studies and the application of lean six sigma therein.

Explores case studies and the application of lean six sigma therein.

This course explores case studies and the application of lean six sigma therein. Each Discussion Main Thread is designed to help you analyze, evaluate, and synthesize what you have learned from the reading as well as your own research from the literature and then apply that to a business issue. The application of a business solution is as unique and varied as there are business issues or challenges. Countless consulting agencies suggest they provide guaranteed solutions, but many times don’t have the methodologies to back them up. In the discussion main threads, you will serve as the consultant and discuss methodologies of how to apply each topic or type of case study to a specific issue. In the replies, consider yourself another consultant and while still searching for the best business solution, analyze/respond to your peer’s main thread (not restating your main thread stance, nor critiquing your peer, rather while stating your agreement or disagreement, support or refute their approach with supporting citations). You are writing (in a scholarly manner) to the reader, not to the writer, so omit the salutations, complimentary kudos, and ‘I totally agreed with you’-type comments. Donot confuse what is required in the Case Study Projects with what is required here which is more of a business solutions application mindset.

(NOTE: Even if not officially wearing the title of ‘consultant’ in your organization, you may be asked to provide a business solution to an internal organizational issue. Regardless of titles, these scenarios are designed to get you thinking about how to apply the applicable case study to a certain type of issue.)


Requirements for every Discussion Post

Minimum of 300 words in the body

Minimum of 2 sources from the literature in addition to course texts

Use the following outline:

Cover Page


Consultant’s Assessment/Recommendations



  • In addition to the course textbook(s), this discussion must include at least 2 references from scholarly articles that have publication dates no older than 5 years. Do not use any books other than the Bible (if applicable) and the textbook. Do not conduct interviews.
  • In-text citations are required to support your statements, points, assertions, issues, arguments, concerns, paragraph topic sentences, and statements of fact and opinion. NOTE: In your reply post, when using/referring to a peer’s main thread, you must cite them.
  • The required cover page and the reference pages are not included in the required assignment word count but are required as part of your discussion post.
  • The introduction and conclusion sections should be succinct.
  • Sources of information from Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedia will not be accepted.
  • All parts of the assignment must be based on scholarly and biblical literature.
  • Avoid clichés, slang, jargon, exaggerations, abbreviations, figurative language, and language that is too informal and too subjective. 
  • Submit your final document for grading with file name syntax: Last Name First Initial DF#. For example: PhilebaumJIncorpLSS.doc (no .pdfs).

Discussion Thread: Solutions in the Exploratory Case Study

An exploratory case study aims to explore events or phenomena in everyday contexts in which they occur. The student will have decided using an exploratory case study is the most effective approach in a project observing the interactions of contract employees with staff employees to determine the influence of the staff’s safety culture on the actions of the contractor (currently the contract employees are somewhat indifferent to safety). As the consultant, the student will explain and discuss how he/she believes the study will play out, expected data, and how he/she will use that data


Consultant’s Assessments and Recommendations

      How Will the Study Play Out?

      What is the expected Data?

      How Will the Data Be Used?


Read: Yin: Chapter 4

Read: Keller: Chapter 3

Read: George, Rowlands, Price, & Maxey: Chapters 3 — 4

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Explores case studies and the application of lean six sigma therein.

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