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Leader Evaluation Presentation

Leader Evaluation Presentation

Leader Evaluation Presentation Instructions
In this assignment, you will evaluate an individual’s leadership/management approach in a
public health organization, project, or event within the past five years. This evaluation
assignment should include references to the press, as well as incorporating academic
references from theories and principles of leadership, and public health. Direct contact
(interview) with the leader is encouraged. The evaluation may be either positive or critical.
Students will present their findings to the class in a 5-10 minute video presentation. Students
will then provide a critique of two other students’ presentations via the discussion board.
Include in your evaluation:
● What is the public health issue your leader addresses?
● What is one of the challenges presented to your leader?
● How did your leader address this challenge? Which principles of leadership and/or
management did the leader demonstrate?
● What leadership traits are apparent in your leader?
● What leadership traits are lacking?
● Provide evidence within your leader’s work of:
○ Innovation,
○ established record of achievement,
○ respect for community values,
○ collaboration with others, and
○ significant influence on the field of public health.
● What was the outcome of a project or event and how was this outcome reflective of the

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Leader Evaluation Presentation

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