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ITS400 IT Project Management

ITS400 IT Project Management

Find two academic articles from the CSU-Global Library that describe the need to justify investing in IT projects. In addition, describe whether you think most projects should include a business case before the project sponsors officially approve the project. Write a short paper (1-2 pages) summarizing your findings and opinions.





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IT investments projects are important but at the same time they are expensive and many people especially the sponsors believe that justification for such projects are important before the actual implementation process (Kumar, 2002). The reason why justification is important is the fact that sponsors or the management in a given project has to determine whether the project is worth the cost that has been estimated. If the project’s benefits are quite less compared to the cost that has been estimated, then there is no need to go on with that project. The other reason to justify a project is the fact that the project…


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