ITPM Discussion Post

ITPM Discussion Post

Pick any two:

  1. The terms Quality Assurance and Quality Control are often used interchangeably when they really represent two very different aspects of a project. Contrast the two terms.  Which is most relevant in Information Technology projects? (Hint: there is no right answer here, pick a side and defend it).
  2. Quality Assurance often gets tagged as “testing” in some organizations. Using the concepts of Quality Control and Quality Improvement discuss why Quality Assurance should be so much more than just “testing”.
  3. Discuss why quality assurance plans are often overlooked in project management plans.
  4. Consider the following situation and answer the corresponding questions:

We just shipped v2 of our project – but few are cheering. To meet our dates we dropped quality on the floor (reliability, usability… you name it) and everyone knows it. There’s already talk about what commitments we have for v3, but no one has articulated what we’re going to do about raising the quality bar.  How do you (successfully) argue for time for higher quality? Has anyone worked on a project where quality was really job #1, if not, do you think that it ever is? How did it happen? Who defined (and defended) quality? Who should define and defend it?

Requirement: One – One & half page.



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It is a fact that Quality Assurance as well as Quality Control are concepts that   are closely related. Many people tend to confuse the two terms and inappropriately used one as the substitute for another. To start with, Quality Assurance is normally referred as the process that is used in creating the deliverables, and can only be performed by a client manager or a third- party.  A good example of quality assurance………


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