Is marriage, as a Social Institution, in trouble

Is marriage, as a Social Institution, in trouble

1) Is marriage, as a Social Institution, in trouble? Does it matter? Your opinion is great – be sure you use concepts learned in the chapter materials to support your position.

2) The institution of marriage is changing in the United States. Some perspectives on the question are outlined in our textbook and in the web pages below. Describe your thoughts after your review of the materials and use sociological concepts to explain your position.

Remember, for Reflection Assignments, I will expect you to apply specific course concepts, themes, theories, or ideas into your responses. These concepts must be either  italicized  or bolded  and I expect you to include a citation list for each submission. When using information learned in our course readings, in-text citations will not be needed. However, I will expect you to refer to the author or the text in which you are using information. When using outside sources, I will expect you to cite the source. In general, outside sources are not necessary, especially if you’re writing about an opinion – be sure this is clear. Please differentiate between your opinion and an idea or concept supported by research or data.

Barroso, A. (2020, February 14). More than half of Americans say marriage is important but not essential to leading a fulfilling life. PEW Research. to an external site.)

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 Is marriage as a Social Institution in trouble


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