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IPv6, and Redistribution Configuration and Verification Commands

Analyze IPv6 and examine the key features that IT professionals generally consider to be an improvement over IPv4. Specifically, compare and contrast the flexibility of IPv6 as compared to IPv4.


Classify redistribution configuration and verification commands. Differentiate between situations in which a network administrator would utilize redistribution configuration commands and situations requiring verification commands. Justify your response.





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Despite the internet protocol IPv4  having performed its functions well, a new version, IPv6 is being developed to address concerns regarding the use of IPv4. IPv6 is expected to meet the ever changing needs of new technological devices such as IP-based services and cellular phones. One of the features that make IPv6 to be better than its predecessor is that it provides a larger IP address space. IPv4 uses 32 bits for an IP address which in turn allows around 4 billion IP addresses that are unique…


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