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Intro to Film studies

Intro to Film studies

DQ1-The informative language used is to help clarify and education audiences, directly and succinctly. If the films criticize a subject, for example, the criticism is in the format of informing with reasoning.?? What is one negative impact for audiences of having the staging of information for a camera, as we do in observatory documentaries? Explain why,

o  DQ2-Think about the standard formula of one genre and think of one movie that best exemplifies this genre.

Now, think of the movie in terms of what you have learned about the social context of film. What changes might occur in the narrative if the film were made in another time or place?




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It is ironical for audiences staging in the information provided by camera because it may not convey the exact results about what has happened. For this reason, many people may be affected by the information provided by the camera because it may affect them. The information in a camera should not be relied on because it might impact negatively on the community (Plait, 2011). For example, information from a camera might involve people who were absent hence affecting them in one way or the other. For this reason, the…


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