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Internal Control Environment

Internal Control Environment
  • From Case 5, discuss the role of the audit committee and its responsibilities. Determine whether the responsibility to hire and fire audit managers should have prevented the firing of the chief of internal auditing by Microsoft management for reporting fraudulent activity. Support your position.


  • Compare the existing internal control environment at Microsoft to management’s responsibility for designing effective internal controls outlined in the textbook, and identify the deficiencies that existed. Speculate on what types of internal controls could have been designed to detect the accounting irregularities, and provide at least two reasons why the internal controls that were in place at Microsoft were not effective in detecting the accounting errors. Provide specific examples.

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The roles of the audit committee fall into four categories, independent auditor, complaints and disclosure. The Independent auditor is mandated to carry out auditing and provide the auditor reports to the committee who then approves it. The audit committee must come up with necessary procedures that will be used for concerns involving……………..


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