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Instructional strategies

instructional strategies

For the assignment later this week, after you create measureable learning objectives to meet the identified training goal, you will need to brainstorm possible instructional strategies for Cowboys Nightclubs and restaurants that can be implemented in the training in order to allow the learners to meet the objectives.

In 200-300 words share some instructional strategies that either you have previously used as a trainer or instructional designer or have participated in as a learner. If you know of any online resources for gathering ideas for instructional strategies, please share the links or addresses in your answer.





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Instructional strategies help students to learn and retain the information that is gained from the learning environment. Learning involves interacting with the environment in such a way that it leads to a change in the learner’s performance. One of the strategies is use of comparison, contrast, classification, analogies and metaphors. This helps the learner to connect new information with something the learner already knows….


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