Analyze the connection from a social psychological perspective.

Analyze the connection from a social psychological perspective.

To prepare for this discussion, please read Chapters 12 of your textbook (Feenstra, 2013).  Finally, review Instructor Guidance and Announcements.  In this discussion, you will consider relationships.  Be sure to use your own academic voice and apply in-text citations appropriately throughout your post.

Identify a relationship (from a book, play, television show, movie, etc.).  For example, you might choose a love story or a story about a deep friendship.  Briefly relate pertinent information about the characters and the nature of their relationship.

Analyze the connection from a social psychological perspective. Point out specific examples to illustrate the following:

Which of the various factors in attraction are present?

Is the relationship based on friendship or love?  If love, what type of love is portrayed?

Summarize any factors in the relationship that resulted in conflict.  If the relationship dissolved, explain factors that may have led to the demise. Predict elements that are present and may eventually create problems in the relationship.

Post your initial response of 250 words or more

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One of the famous love stories that were ever told is that of Helen of Troy and the young prince of Troy by the name Paris. It is said that the great Trojan War revolved around this war and that’s why Helen became a well-known character in Greece. The character in this story are said to be in deep love that they even escaped together yet Helen was already married to a king. Paris was so much in love that he did not care….


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