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IT Information System Questions

IT Information System Questions

Write a 180- to 250-word short answer response that addresses the following:

  • What does business intelligence provide when performing a strategic upgrade on technology core systems?
  • Does a business dashboard for technology help improve decision making? Explain your answer
  • What advantage(s) would result from developing a strong SCM process to match IS system upgrades? What would such a process look like?
  • What role does technology have in social responsibility?
  • What are some of the limitations to ERP for enterprise business solutions?

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An effective business intelligence approach enables to view the aggregate of the core business in an organization. Utilizing emerging, existing techniques and tools for data mining as well as a reporting, Organization may be required to perform data analysis so as to understand the performance of the business. As a result, the information is crucial in assessing identity and trend on how execution correlates to the strategic planning.  Intelligence technology in terms of business is a crucial aspect. Normally, the…


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