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Instructional Objectives for this activity:Correlate social causes of crime and society.
The authors also compare the “liberal” feminists to “critical feminists.” Consider these differences and other theories presented in the text as you formulate your thoughts for this exercise.

Please complete the following:

  • Research Essay: Compare that which liberal feminists assert about the relationship concerning gender roles, women’s rights, and female delinquency.
  • Do you support the view point(s) in the textbook regarding and social condition?

For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.

Save your document with a file name that includes your name, course code-section number, and title.

  • (For example: JaneSmith_CCJ2501-12_Week6.docx)

If you are not using Microsoft Word, save your document with the .rtf file extension (Rich Text Format).

To submit your Individual Work, go to the Dropbox and click “Submit Assignment.”

Submit this document to the Week 6: Individual Work basket in the Dropbox.

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Liberal feminism conceives freedom as one of the most important things in human life. The exercise of pernal autonomy depends on different acts enabling the conditions which are present in women lives. It holds that women should stay lives of their choice and of no discrimination (Rajan, 2013). This is because they have freedom on their lives. It also holds……………
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