Implementing Required Change

Implementing Required Change

You are a mid-level manager in charge of the overseas manufacturing coordination division of a communications equipment design and manufacturing technology company located in Richardson, Texas.  The primary purchaser of your company’s products is AT&T.  In this facility there are design engineers, communication engineers, manufacturing engineers, cost engineers, logistics personnel, accounting personnel, and a variety of mid-level and upper-level management personnel.  All design and engineering work is done at the facility in the United States; however, all of your products are manufactured in the countries of China, Indonesia, and South Korea.


Your supervisor has just informed you of a major restructuring initiative in your division aimed at decreasing product manufacturing time, improving overall manufacturing efficiency, and reducing personnel costs.  It is also imperative that quality remain high with these changes.  You are to be the lead person in charge of this important effort and it was stated that this initiative came from the highest management level in the organization and is non-negotiable.


The work group that you oversee, in addition to yourself, consist of 4-design engineers, 3-manufacturing engineers, 2-cost engineers, 2-logistics personnel, and 2-manufacturing technologist personnel at your location in Texas and they function as a cohesive team that has worked together on a variety of communication equipment products for more than 3-years.  You also have another 6 people assigned to your team that coordinate and interact with the respective manufacturing companies based in the countries where that actual manufacturing of the products takes place.  Including yourself, there are 20 people in your work group.


Questions to be answered:


Describe the process that you would go through in order to develop anaction plan that addresses and accomplishes the reduction in manufacturing time, improves manufacturing efficiency, and reduces personnel costs that your employer has charged you with.

Describe how you would address the issue with your work group and howyou would involve the members of your work group in the development of the final solution to the situation at hand.

How would you turn this unpleasant and unpopular situation into a positive experience for you, your work group, and the organization you represent?




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Greater success within the organization can be continually achieved through an organization-broad coordinated approach linked to the linked closely to the organization’s goals and business plan. The senior management plays a crucial role in continual improvement with a corporation thus their involvement is essential…………….


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