Identify the company and situation: business environment

The business environment is constantly changing, and ethics changes with it. Issues that are considered right or wrong have changed through the years. As an industry changes, so will the ethical views. Remember that what is ethical and not vary by individual and culture. With the above in mind, consider an instance in an international organization where ethics has been brought into question OR an international company that publicly sustains their social responsibility.

1.Identify the company and situation.

2. Provide your analysis and what would you do differently or better.

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The company in question is Nestle and the situation is its plan to develop medical food range and its previous campaign for mothers to use infant formula instead of breast milk. We know from our studies that breast milk is the complete solution for a baby. It is rich and nutritious and contains the right balance of nutrients. The campaign by Nestle that baby formula is better than breast milk thus raises serious ethical..


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