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Humanities Week 3 Discussion question

Humanities Week 3 Discussion question

Listen to one (1) composition (for a symphony) by Haydn or Mozart, either at the Websites below or in this week’s Music Folder. Identify the work that you have chosen, and describe the way in which the composition expresses the specific qualities of the Classical music style. Use the key terms from the textbook that are related to that particular music style, and explain what you like or admire about the work. Compare it to a specific modern musical work for which you might use the term “classic” or “classical”.

Classical Music





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The work chosen is Haydn-Symphony no 94 “Surprise”: 3rd movement. The composition by Haydn expresses some specific qualities of classical music style. The music has great flexibility, and it begins homo-phonically. There are also unanticipated pauses in the music. The music has a strong rhythm that may even make………………


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