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Humanities 112 Discussion question

Humanities 112 Discussion question
  • The philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke disagreed on the understanding of political authority, with Locke taking what is commonly called the “liberal” view. Choose a side (be brave perhaps; take a side you actually disagree with). Using the writings of each given in our class text or at the Websites below, make your case for the side you chose and against the other side. Identify one (1) modern situation in the world where these issues are significant.





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John Locke and Thomas Hobbes are two great philosophers of different school of thought. Their various political ideas have brought a lot of debate to other scholars. According to John Locke, state usually exists to preserve the natural rights of its citizens.  He states that citizens have the right to rebel or withdraw their support if the government does not protect their rights. Therefore, government and its citizens should work hand in hand to avoid conflicts. On the contrary, Thomas Hobbes opposes such an idea. According…


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