Read this hand-out: Guide to Wells and King

Read this hand-out: Guide to Wells and King

Read this hand-out: Guide to Wells and King

Watch the 2021 WTTW film: Ida B. Wells: A Chicago Stories Special Documentary.

Follow up by reading ONE of the resources below.

Read Exposing the \”Thread-Bare Lie\”: How Ida B. Wells Used Investigative Journalism to Uncover the Truth About Lynching | Ida B. Wells | Chicago Stories | WTTW Chicago. This includes primary materials of images and writing from Wells. Some of the images are graphic, but you have to click-through to view them.

Read Joy James\’s \”The Quartet in the Political Persona of Ida B. Wells.\” James is a contemporary Black feminist philosopher who unfolds the importance of Wells as a political thinker in 4 parts.

Read Tommy J. Curry, \”The Fortune of Wells.\” Curry is also an influential contemporary philosopher; here he connects Wells to the intellectual tradition of militant resistance to racist violence. This reading also helps us expand our understanding of the power of friendship in moral development.


All of our readings have placed great emphasis on the importance of justice and the rule of law. These are seen as vital to the principles of humanity (Kant) and the defense of our mutual respect, dignity, and fundamental autonomy and freedom as persons. These are also seen as vital in our fostering of King\’s beloved community, a vision of justice, but also of love and non-violence. He was despised for holding out hope for true integration, the protection of all, and a path of growth for every child not marred by hate. Finally, Wells was driven by principles of truth, fairness, justice before the law, self-determination, and self-defense. Wells allied with a great number of white antiracists and had deep, intimate friendships, but she first wanted Black Americans to speak dangerous truths, demand justice, and organize for their own protection and felt this was the precursor to meeting the white establishment as true equals and from a position of power.

Write 2-3 paragraphs referencing the film and directly include 2-3 quotes from the reading you choose above. After what you\’ve learned this week, please share how Wells has added to your understanding of the need for universal moral standards, the necessity of disobeying immoral laws, or the moral argument for armed self and community defense. You do not need to draw full conclusions or come down on one side–we should be more interested in how her example adds nuance and raises new questions as we consider the resistance of those denied human rights.

Requirements: 2 page

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Read this hand-out: Guide to Wells and King

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