Ensure compliance with employment laws.

Ensure compliance with employment laws.

Ensure compliance with employment laws
This week, we learned about laws that apply to human resources. Your assignment will challenge you to put that knowledge into action, by analyzing a scenario that exemplifies one of the laws presented in your readings this week.

Your role: Human Resources Administrator at Herzing Hospital
The situation:
Herzing Hospital offers an employee wellness program, which awards employees with a reduction in their insurance premium rate, if certain bio-metric screening elements are completed. The screening elements include: Healthy BMI achievement, and completion of a wellness visit with a PCP. The wellness program policy contains the following statement “All employees must achieve a healthy BMI to be eligible for the insurance premium reduction.”

Emma is an employee at Herzing Hospital. She sent you the following email:

I am reaching out with concerns about Herzing Hospital’s wellness program. I believe the bio-metric screening requirements discriminate against pregnant women. If a woman was to be pregnant, they could not meet the BMI requirement, as this is not a clinically accurate measurement of health during pregnancy.

I have two questions:

1) How can Herzing Hospital evaluate and revise the wellness program policies to be inclusive of pregnant women?

2) BMI issue aside for a moment, is a woman required to disclose pregnancy status to participate in the wellness program? If so, how can you protect the employee’s privacy especially if the employee does not want Herzing Hospital administration, HR, or colleagues to know of her pregnancy status?

Thank you for your time.

–Emma Employee

For your assignment

In approximately one page, prepare your response to Emma Employee.
This will be the content of your response email, answering the two questions Emma asked you.
In your role, you have the power to initiate changes to existing or create new policies within Herzing Hospital. Avoid using terminology such as “I will check with my supervisor.” Your response should be clear and confident.
APA requirements: Title and reference pages. Two (2) references.
Please review the rubric to ensure that your assignment meets criteria.

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Ensure compliance with employment laws.


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