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HRM 8110 Company/Government Benefit Plans

HRM 8110 Company/Government Benefit Plans

Individual Assignment #2

You are the new Human Resources Manager at Best Employer Company. The first day of your second week at work, you learn that one of the senior executives has been seriously injured in a car wreck while she was away on a golfing holiday in the USA. She was only halfway through her vacation. She was airlifted to hospital where it became apparent that in addition to other injuries, she had permanently lost the use of one of her legs. Barring unforeseen complications, she will survive, however, her long term prognosis is unknown. Her husband and children are understandably worried and upset.


Best Employer Company offers a full group benefit package including life, accidental death and dismemberment, short term disability, long term disability, drug, hospital, vision, supplementary health and dental insurance. They also have a wellness program and an employee assistance program for employees and their families.


You are as yet unfamiliar with the details of the benefits offered by your new employer. In addition to that, aside from processing and managing WSIB claims and issuing Records of Employment, you’ve never been involved with government benefits.


Consider the situation of the executive involved in this horrendous accident, based on what you know so far, and list a combined total of ten company and government sponsored benefits you would research to ensure you were ready to offer good support and why you selected each.







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The provided situation requires me as the manager at Best Employer Company to do research on the various benefits that are offered by both the company and the government in cases of permanent disability or death of an employee. The government in an effort to provide universal health care to all patients provides sponsored benefits to employees injured in the line of duty. The company on the other hand……


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