Homeland Security Administration Week 10 Discussion 2 – Policing and Ethical Concerns

Policing and Ethical Concerns

“Policing and Ethical Concerns” Please respond to the following:

  • Evaluate the ethical concerns raised by policing and argue why these practices are or are not necessary. Decide if there is any validity to the counterargument of others who believe differently.
  • From the e-Activity, discuss what you believe to be the most important role of policing in countering violent extremism in the United States. Analyze the NSI and explain if it is set up to have a great effect on detecting potential issues. Support your answer

250 Words Minimum






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Law enforcement administrators need to create and maintain a value based agency that consist of a cadre of ethical officers who represent the value of the society. Police officers however are constantly exposed to a rather dynamic society where people have different values. For example some attempt to bribe such officers and despite the fact that such officers may refuse at first, they become corrosive over time and likely change the behavior of such officers. This raises a lot of ethical concerns on policing. The….


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