Hiroshima Essay

Hiroshima Essay


Using the above link provided and your text book (Making America, Vol. 2, by Carol Berkin, 6th edition)

Develop this topic (Hiroshima) into a well-organized essay, following the various sections (1 – 4) and the guidelines below. Include at least three direct, multi-sentence block quotes from Hiroshima to support your position. Be sure to answer all parts of the questions.

The essay should be approximately three – four double-spaced pages long in MLA format.  Correct spelling and grammar will be seriously considered during grading.


Relying only on material from the Hiroshima monograph (from the above link –http://archive.org/details/hiroshima035082mbp) and the textbook (Making America, Vol. 2, by Carol Berkin, 6th edition),thoroughly address/answer the following questions in your essay:

Section 1

According to the book, why was Hiroshima such an ideal target for American bombing?

Section 2 

a. Discuss the experiences of one of the central characters in this book.

b. Explain what you think the author’s purpose was in telling so many individual anecdotes about life before the bomb.

Section 3

List and describe some of the side effects from radiation sickness.

Section 4

Explain why the medical and rescue efforts had so little impact on the survivors’ behalf, immediately following the blast.

***Remember to include at least three direct, multi-sentence block quotes from Hiroshima to support your position.  Be sure to cite these quotations in parentheses and in all caps. For example, your citation might look like this:

“Allied doctors who came in after the surrender found plasma and penicillin very effective.” (HERSEY, P. 99).



……………….Answer Preview………………..

Hiroshima is a book that was written with the aim of reflecting the events which took place in one of the cities of Japan. The book uses characters who share their experiences and all they went through during that early morning attack that was able to take the live of thousands of people most of whom were innocent civilians…..


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