Health Technology Policy Analysis

Health Technology Policy Analysis

Technology has proven effectiveness in speed of information transmission, which leads to prompt healthcare service delivery, prompt treatment of illnesses and better health outcomes. Policies drive the success of health technology through practice standardization. However, cost, safety and security, ethics, and legality have all been target areas of health technology policies. In a minimum of 250 words, discuss the following:

  • Define health technology policy.
  • What are some key terms in health information technology? List and define two.
  • What organizations safeguard health policies? List at least two organizations and a policy they safeguard.
  • Provide a brief description of the U.S. Food Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) role in health policy.



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Health technology policy refers to specific decisions, actions and plans that are usually undertaken in order to achieve specific healthcare technology goals within the society. It usually defines the vision for the future in order to help to establish targets and points of reference. According to Garrido (2008), “this policy applies to the adoption of new health technologies and the review of existing technologies within public health services in the ACT.”

Some key terms in health information technology include Electronic Medical Record and….


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