Nursing Health Interventions for Health Promotion

Nursing Health Interventions for Health Promotion


Nursing Health Interventions for Health Promotion

In life, there are many obstacles an individual may face and most of the time it is out of their control. Family health promotion focuses on assisting family members to live a healthier lifestyle especially during periods of illness, recovery, and stress (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, & Robinson, 2018). Nurses assist family members by using strategies and interventions to promote change for the good of the family (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, & Robinson, 2018). In this discussion post, I will discuss how family mealtime and healthy eating is important to incorporate to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I will describe a family who may benefit from this strategy, describe why this family should incorporate this lifestyle change, and the nursing interventions I would use with this family to maintain family health.

Family mealtime and healthy eating is essential in our everyday lives. In previous years, the wives stayed home while the husband’s provided for the family. This gave the wife time to think ahead and prepare healthy meals for the ones she loves. In today’s day in age, it takes two incomes to support a family. This gives the husband and wife limited time to think and prepare healthy meals ahead. Instead we live for convenience, purchasing processed foods and eating on the go. In the United States, one in three children are considered overweight or obese putting them at risk for developing chronic medical diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even psychiatric disorders such as depression (Rotman et al., 2020).

A working family with children can benefit from these nursing interventions. Parents need to understanding that they are considered the primary role models to their children. As the family health nurse, it is essential to identify family strengths and weaknesses. This can open the family’s eyes and encourage growth and change. As nurses, we should include nutritional information and resources, emotional support, healthy behavior habits, while discussing time management skills. (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, & Robinson, 2018). One way to develop a good healthy behavioral habit is to have the parents plan meals with their children and have them assist with meal prepping. This provides education to their children as well as time for family socialization.

In conclusion, trying to live a healthy lifestyle while working can become overwhelming. As nurses, we have to educate the families that it all comes down to good time management skills. By organizing your time wisely, you can prepare healthy meals throughout the week while incorporating children involvement. By doing this, it provides a foundation of healthy eating habits while preventing obesity.


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Nursing Health Interventions for Health Promotion


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