Assessing the Problem: Leadership

Assessing the Problem: Leadership

Assessment 1: Assessing the Problem: Leadership, Collaboration, Communication, Change Management, and Policy Considerations

In a 5 page written assessment, define the patient, family, or population health problem that will be the focus of your capstone project. Assess the problem from a leadership, collaboration, communication, change management, and policy perspective. Plan to spend approximately 2 direct practicum hours meeting with a patient, family, or group of your choice to explore the problem and, if desired, consulting with subject matter and industry experts. Document the time spent (your practicum hours) with these individuals or group in the Core Elms Volunteer Experience Form.

1. Clearly and succinctly defines a patient, family, or population health problem that’s relevant to personal and professional practice. Fully substantiates the presence and relevance of the problem.
2. Analyzes evidence from peer-reviewed literature and professional sources that describes and guides nursing actions related to a defined patient, family, or population problem. Applies relevant, unambiguous criteria for evaluating the evidence, and exhibits clear insight into potential barriers to evidence-based practice and theoretical guiding frameworks.
3. Provides an explanation, with examples, of how state board nursing practice standards and/or organizational or governmental policies could affect a defined patient, family, or population problem, based on a perceptive and coherent synthesis of current literature. Provides clear insight into how policy affects nursing scope of practice.
4. Proposes leadership strategies, supported by examples, to improve outcomes, patient-centered care, and the patient experience related to a defined patient, family, or population problem. Exhibits clear insight into the necessary role of leadership and the need for collaboration, communication, and change management in addressing the problem. and Documents the practicum hours spent with these individuals or group in the CORE ELMS Volunteer Experience Form.
5. Organizes content so clarity is enhanced and all ideas flow logically with smooth transitions.
6. Applies APA style and formatting to scholarly writing. Exhibits strict and nearly flawless adherence to stylistic conventions, document structure, and source attributions.

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