Health Information Management Profession and Leadership

Health Information Management Profession and Leadership

Unit 4

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Health Information Management Profession and Leadership


Health care managers in today’s modern environment need to understand the importance and role of HIM. This also includes an understanding of the professional need to ensure that the health information systems are compliant and operating in an efficient and effective manner. In this unit, you will once again work with the interactive scenario at a fictional hospital system. You will be tasked with researching health information management professionals and their job functions and abilities to help the organization maintain or improve its HIM systems.

It is important for organizations to hire the right professionals to manage their health information systems and to ensure that those professionals and their skills are in line with organizational goals.

Learning Activities

[u04s1] Unit 4 Study 1



Complete the following to prepare for the discussion in this unit and the Unit 5 assignment.

Electronic Health Records

Vanderhook, S., & Abraham, J. (2017). Unintended consequences of EHR systems: A narrative review. Proceedings of the International Symposium of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare, 6(1), 218–225.

Health Information

Abrams, K., Carlon, S., Haugen, M. B., Mancilla, D., McElroy, K., Millen, M., . . . Sorensen, L. (2017). HIM reimagined outlines BOLD new future for HIM profession. Journal of AHIMA, 88(6), 22–25.

Health Information Management Professionals

Gibson, C. J., Dixon, B. E., & Abrams, K. (2015). Convergent evolution of health information management and health informatics: A perspective on the future of information professionals in health care. Applied Clinical Informatics, 6(1), 163–184.

Zeng, X., Reynolds, R., & Sharp, M. (2009). Redefining the roles of health information management professionals in health information technology. Perspectives in Health Information Management, 1f–12f.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

Understand benefits to organizations of employing health information management professionals.

Understand the current market for health information management professionals.

Understand the current roles and skills of successful health information management professionals.

[u04s2] Unit 4 Study 2

Assignment Preparation

By the end of Unit 5, you will complete the Information System Job Description and Summary assignment. For this assignment, you will write a job description for a health information management professional as well as create an executive summary for the leadership regarding the need for and benefits of a new hire.

Before you start drafting the job description for the new hire, you must fully understand the following components of the EHR and HIM system.

Workflow analysis.

Software licensing.





Vendor roles.

Billing alignment with third-party payers.

Medical coding and billing processes.

The new hire will have a role in overseeing all the components of EHR or HIM systems. This is a mid-level management position. The leadership is expecting you to create a position that meets the needs of the organization and is financially feasible.

Use the Capella library, relevant resources, and the Internet to assist you in the following:

Explore specific HIM management certifications such as Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), Center for Healthcare Information Management (CHIM), and Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT).

Identify specific job functions of a health information management professional.

Explain the skills and training needed that align with the points mentioned so far in this study (EHR or HIM systems).

Review current job descriptions of organizations similar to Independence Medical Center.

Evaluate the role of the HIM or HIT professional.

Developing an understanding and vision of these points with regards to the new hire and his or her position will be critical in effectively creating a job description that will yield the types of candidates that you and the Vila Health organization want for the position.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

Prepare to complete the Information System Job Description and Summary assignment.

[u04d1] Unit 4 Discussion 1

Hiring the Right Person to Lead HIMs Products and Workflow

For this discussion, imagine that you have been tasked with being the hiring manager for a HIM professional to help lead and improve the workflow and quality of the HIT within the organization. Your first task is to examine the current state of the workflow related to HIT within the organization, or a specific unit or team. Your second task is to curate a brief description or list of characteristics and qualifications that a new HIM professional would have, and to comment on the relevance and importance of them with regards to the position and organization.

For your main post of the discussion, from your viewpoint as a hiring manager, please address the following:

Briefly describe an organization that will be the basis of your post.

This could be your current place of practice, a former place of practice, or any health care organization you are interested in and can research effectively.

Summarize the current state of the HIT workflow for the organization, unit, or team.

Identify the challenges that individuals or role groups are facing within the current workflow.

How could trainings or additional supports help to improve their work experience and efficacy?

What leadership strategies or best practices could be leveraged to overcome these challenges and improve outcomes related to HIT?

Based on the workflow, challenges facing those working with HIT, and the potential leadership needs, briefly describe the type of person who would be a good fit for the HIM professional position.

Identify required and desirable qualifications (educations, certifications, experience) for the position.

Which of these qualifications are most relevant and desirable? Why?

Briefly comment on how the personal and professional qualifications you identified compare to those in similar job postings.

Please, use actual job postings either from the internet or elsewhere as the basis of your comparison. Remember to cite the job postings used for comparison.

Support your post with at least one peer-reviewed source, using course readings or other scholarly literature. Include APA-formatted in-text citations and accompanying, congruent APA-formatted references.

Article – Redifing the Roles of Health Information Management

Article – Convergent Evolution of HIM ACI-06-0163


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