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HCS 475 Week 4 Discussion question

HCS 475 Week 4 Discussion question

Discuss the following question with your team.

  • What steps are involved in the delegation process? Are there any steps that should be included that are not already included? How does an effective delegation process affect an organization?
  • Provide an example of a time when you applied problem-solving steps to resolve a specific situation. What did you do effectively? What could you have done better?

Post a 150- to 350-word response, as a team, summarizing your discussion.





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Delegation involves six major steps; Prepare, Assign, Confirm understanding, Commitment, Avoid delegation back and accountability. Delegation is about letting off the need for power and allowing employees to use their talents effectively for the good of the company and themselves. The process of followed keenly can be a very useful tool in allowing employees to flourish and providing a means to measure their abilities and performance. For instance, through delegation, we can determine what our employees…


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