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HCS 457 week 4 discussion question

HCS 457 week 4 discussion question
Coordination and collaboration helps build community health to deliver services between institutions and where care is delivered. This reminds me of a video on the integration of public health and primary care:
National Academy of Sciences. ( 2013 ). Video: Primary Care + Public Health in the Community Institute of Medicine . Retrieved from http://www.iom.edu/Reports/2012/Primary-Care-and-Public-Health/Video.aspx

Please watch the video. Does your community have such integration? If yes, please tell us more! If no, share a suggestion about how your community might reach the goal of integration of Public Health and primary care.  In the discussion please consider the assigned readings and other references to defend your position.

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Does your community have such integration?

The American community has been able to integrate the public health and primary care. It has been an effort to accomplish health impartiality and the upgrading of health outcomes of individuals.  Elimination of health disparities has also been the key goal of integration. The government realized that the linking of public health……………..

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