As methods for travel and communication have improved, the distance

As methods for travel and communication have improved, the distance

As methods for travel and communication have improved, the distance between two people has become a much smaller concern. Businesses can work synchronously with partners on the other side of the world with minimal complications. While this has opened up a lot of opportunities, it has created other issues that have to be addressed.

Companies have started outsourcing labor to cheaper markets, which means factories across the world need to receive necessary materials as well as send out their finished product. It is generally true that price is the driving factor in selecting the appropriate shipping method, whether that is driven by the upfront cost of the shipment, or the possible consequential costs of a factory not receiving needed materials in a timely manner. Either way, the shipper and carrier need to work together to find the appropriate solution.

In this global environment, the operating costs of aircraft often make it difficult for air carriers to compete with other low cost solutions.

For your essay, provide either a real world example of how air carriers are evolving in order to continue competing or share some of your own thoughts on how air carriers could possibly adapt in order to continue attracting customers.

Make sure your essay include sufficient detail in your explanation, also make sure What options do you agree or disagree with and why.

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Globalization can be said to have largely opened up the world and brought communities to each other. As such, it has opened up business opportunities that were not present before globalization. Such includes chances of investors in the transport industry getting contracts to transport materials to their point of assembly or finished products to their markets. The main beneficiaries of this opportunities are the cargo shipping investments and the air carrier investments…….


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