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Geologic exploration project

Geologic exploration project

Find information about a geologic exploration project that has been conducted recently, but no later than within the past 20 years (1995 to present ONLY).

Describe specific details and information about the following:

  • NAMEof the project
  • the LOCATION of the project
  • the PURPOSE of the project (be specific)
  • KEY FINDINGSassociated with the project (be specific)
  • Select either a mineral or a rock (just one only).
    • Identify the name of your one selection and whether your selection is a mineral or a rock
    • Describe how your selection is used either in industry (medical or industrial) or in everyday life—be specific and give examples —–DO NOT INCLUDE JEWELRY

    Briefly describe how your selection is formed




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One geologic exploration program that has been completed recently is the Kettle Falls properties. The project was completed in 2012 and is located in Kettle Lake where it also derives its name from. The purpose of the project was to do a structural mapping in order to establish the diamond potential of the area. This location is near to the 2013 gold discovery zone in Kettle Falls. Lake sediments and till samples were collected in an effort to better establish the diamond potential of the a…

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