Geography homework

1- explain why the north africa/southwest asia realm is so dry. list and describe the places where water is available in sufficient quantity to support clusters of population. what is being done at some locations to increase the supply of fresh water?

2- pik up five countries of those Madagascar, Botswana, Angola, Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka. In one paragraph for each, describe the geography, listing such aspects as climate, physiography, cities, etc.





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The realm of North Africa and Southwest Asia is expansive and large in terms of corporeal area and this is the reason why it shares a number of common qualities.  There are several reasons why North Africa and southwest Asia is very dry. First and foremost, the area has permanent high pressures and descending air. For this reason, it becomes hard for the area to receive rain which would change the climate of the region. The second reason why it is dry is that the area is in a lee of a mountain range where all rain is deposited in the windward side of the range (Dalton-Stein, Knebel, & Wicke, 2010)…..


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