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Primary Post: (Map, 250 word discussion and correct citation are required

In well-written paragraphs with complete citations, please discuss two geographic terms (concepts) we have covered this course Weeks 1-8) as they apply to your personal experience. Explain how the two geographic concepts relate to your personal experience, such as through work examples, academic work in other courses, hobbies, news interests or other ways. Select a map to support your commentary and discussion.

For example, if you are an IT major, you might demonstrate the application of “connectivity” through a map that shows Internet usage across the globe. If you are an avid cook, you might use maps that show where various foods come from, applying appropriate terms. These are just two examples, so use your creativity to show how “geography” comes to life in our world!
Be sure to cite the source of the map and terms you use (text)

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Geography terms are used in our day today activities as we had learned in week one to eight. Most of this geographical terms are important more so for kids in making their projects. Research shows that remembering all the concepts is next to impossible. The reason behind this is that they are many and not easily understood. In this topic, we are……………
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