GEO 215


Resource: Ch. 1 of Introduction to Geography

Write a paper of 350- to 700- words that develops an expanded definition of geography and reflects two of the following three aspects:

  • Dynamic and changing, not static
  • Relationships of the subfields to one another and the whole of geography
  • Changes that trigger other changes, such as natural disasters

Describe the four subfields of geography and explain how those subfields apply to real-life applications.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Please do not exceed the 700 word count. Thank you.





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Introduction to geography

Geography is the study of spatial dynamics and variations that are generally experienced in both physical and human phenomena. All these are studied on the Earth’s surface. Geography studies the patterns of landscapes. These landscapes may be due natural or human consequences. Geography also studies natural disasters like earthquakes, and the population stricken areas. It also studies the climate changes in the globe (Getis, Getis & Fellmann, 2014).  

Physical geography

Physical geography usually gives a rationalization of the diverse distinctiveness of the dissimilar types of phenomena that….


459 words



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