Mod 4 Discussion: Funding

Mod 4 Discussion: Funding

Mod 4 Discussion: Funding

Share your thoughts on different funding means for the program you designed for your SLP. At a minimum, use the course readings to support your response. Other peer-reviewed materials may also be used to supplement the response. Please be sure to include references at the end of your posting.

Each paragraph should have in-text citations to support your conclusions based upon scholarly evidence. This is required for scholarly writing, especially at the graduate level. Work on using more scholarly evidence in future assignments. Note that any reference cited within the text of your paper must also be cited on a separate References page (and vice versa). Keep in mind that failure to do this is considered plagiarism. It is important that we credit the author(s) whose ideas are being borrowed. Note that even when the directions state “describe in your own words…” references must still be used. This just means instead of using direct quotes in your work, you will paraphrase (i.e., write the information in your own words) while still giving credit to the author(s) whose ideas you borrow by citing appropriately via APA format.

Paper Format: APA

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Mod 4 Discussion Funding


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