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Foreign Policy Observations

Foreign Policy Observations

  • You have been appointed by the President of the United States to lead a committee to recommend tax policies that the U.S. could impose on a hostile foreign government. Choose a foreign country, and suggest and support why you chose this particular foreign country. Propose a strategy for addressing this inherent hostility.
  • You have been hired by a foreign company that wants to do business with a foreign country that the U.S. is boycotting. Propose a strategy whereby your client can do business with the foreign country and avoid tax penalties.

Please keep the bullet point and solution together and make the solution at least a paragraph long.





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I will take over the Iraq government. This country has been warring and given its country members a very hard time. This committee will then impose tax sanctions to the country. This means that they will be paying a certain amount of money. This will be imposing sanctions to this country. When sanction is imposed, it means that the country will not receive any foreign aid nor will it receive any donor funding. When a sanction is imposed, the country cannot even do business with other countries. In this regard, this country…


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